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Rendering refers to the process of applying a coat of cement on the external walls of a property to make them smooth or textured as desired. The difference between rendering and plastering is that rendering involves the exterior walls while plastering involves the interior ones.

The reason people render their houses is to add a layer of protection to the property from the elements but it is also applied for decorative reasons. It can brighten up a tired building or hide poor brick work and joins where a new extension meets the original building.

Special effects, different colours and patterns can also be created completely changing the look of a property.

Some modern rendering systems also help insulate a property thereby reducing the amount of fuel needed to keep it warm.

Today house rendering offers many benefits, including protection against harsh weather conditions, decorative enhancements that boost kerb appeal, and potential energy efficiency improvements. It’s a versatile solution for modern homeowners.


Traditional sand & cement

Sand and cement render is a building technique used to finish the exterior walls of a building, or to repair and renew the existing render. This type of render is made from a mixture of sand, cement, and water, and is applied to the surface of the wall in a thick, even layer. The render is then left to dry and set, creating a hard, durable surface that is both weatherproof and attractive. Sand and cement render is commonly used on brick, concrete, or stone walls, and can be applied either by hand or with a machine.

Silicone/ Acrylic render

We offer a comprehensive range of anti-crack silicone and acrylic renders, thin coat finishes incorporating a wide choice of textures and finishes. The silicone and acrylic render systems provide superb quality, ease of application and a superior colour range. The flexible anti-crack formulation and ultra-violet resistant pigments of a silicone or acrylic render allow for large areas to be seamlessly rendered with perfect colour consistency. The unrivalled versatility of Wetherby silicone and acrylic thin coat renders allows the products to be specified with confidence to transform virtually any substrate, giving dull and tired looking structures a new lease of life.

Insulated render systems (E.W.I)

External wall insulation, also known as EWI and external solid wall insulation, is a type of insulation that is attached to the outside of your walls. Two layers of material are used – one to offer insulation, and an outer layer of mineral or synthetic render to protect against weather and provide a decorative finish. Monocouche rendering – Monocouche is a cutting edge pre-coloured render finish designed to beautifully decorate and robustly protect buildings without the need to paint. Available in a stunning range of traditional and contemporary colours and finishes Monocouche is the UKs external render system of choice.

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